Constitution of Glamorgannwg

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Constitution of

Glamorgannwg Indigenous People

We, the People of Glamorgannwg Micro-Nation of Indigenous People, known henceforth as ‘We’ or ‘the People’:

I. Recognise that we are indigenous inhabitants of the land, where we dwell in our own right, rejecting all jurisdictions which misalign with our Constitution

    1. acknowledging that all human beings have the right to identify as indigenous and be accorded the rights that indigenous peoples have been accorded as per other declarations, conventions, treaties and decrees, including those within international law
      i. recognising numerous important declarations, conventions, treaties and decrees which are precedent and particularly relevant, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [1948] and the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples [2007]

II. Recognise Natural Law – that is, the laws inherent in nature and the universe, the laws that are considered God-given and the laws that are intrinsic to all life

    1. acknowledging that Natural Law is observed and obeyed through our principles, understanding and truth
    2. existing in balance and harmony with all of Nature
    3. recognising natural order while retaining and standing in our own power
    4. acknowledging our innate wisdom and divine connection
    5. recognising that Natural Law & Equity (Natural Justice) Law precedes, supersedes and is superior to all other laws, statutes, codes, rules and policies

III. Dwell in alignment with the Biological Laws of Nature

    1.  recognising the Biological Laws of Nature as discovered by Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, set out as follows:
      i.  all so-called ‘diseases’ are purposeful Special Biological Programs of Nature, triggered by conflict shocks experienced on the psyche, brain and organ levels
      ii.  all biological programs follow two phases: the conflict active phase, followed by a healing phase once the conflict is resolved
      iii.  all biological programs developed in line with embryology and follow evolutionary logic
      iv.  all microbes are purposeful, having a beneficial role in the healing of a Biological Program
      v.  every so-called disease is part of a significant Special Biological Program of Nature created to assist an organism (humans and animals alike) during unexpected distress
    2. declaring exemption from and rejecting any and all medical interventions, procedures, treatments, prophylactics, diagnostic testing and medications that are not in alignment with the Biological Laws of Nature

IV.  Recognise that all People have unalienable rights to self-determine all aspects of their lives and those of their children, their communities, their social groups, their affiliations and their nations

    1.  acknowledging that this includes the unalienable rights to:
      i.  access to clean, natural resources as required for meeting essential needs of organic food, pure water, energy and shelter
      ii.  bodily autonomy
      iii. education and learning

      iv. travel across borders
      v. fairness and justice in response to wrong-doing
      ~ a. recognising the concept of right or wrong is determined by individual judgment and perception, while alignment and misalignment to Natural Law is universal
      vi. safety and security, including the right to protect ourselves and others on all levels from wrong-doing, loss or harm in a  manner that is proportionate to the original perceived threat
    2. recognising that unalienable rights cannot be revoked or withdrawn by any other being, except in cases of extreme harm or wrong-doing for purposes of life preservation
    3. acknowledging that all living beings are of equal standing
    4. acknowledging that we take full responsibility for our actions including the decisions and choices we make
    5. intervening respectfully and empathetically only if expressly requested to do so

The People pledge to uphold the Constitution by:

  1.  living with a balance of compassion and wisdom
  2. understanding that our actions and words have consequences and treating others as we would wish ourselves to be treated
  3. acknowledging our own power by living our own truth and rejecting actions, words and deeds which could jeopardise our power
  4. honouring the self-determination of other beings, societies, communities and nations
  5. conducting all business, commerce and trade for the benefit and betterment of humanity in a fair and honest manner, carried out for an equal exchange of a mutually beneficial currency between parties, which could be anything of their choosing that offers value to all concerned, as long as the exchange is in alignment with Natural Law and causes no harm or loss to another
  6. living in accordance with Natural Law, consciously considering the choices we make and the impact they will have on all of Nature, including ourselves
  7. sharing resources, solutions, skills, experiences, talents, information and knowledge in order to assist and support each other in developing creative, dynamic and self-sufficient communities, nations and fellowships
  8. settling disagreements between individuals, families, groups or communities via mediation, with arbitration only taking place when mediation fails, handling matters fairly and in accordance with Natural Law
  9. valuing everyone’s voices, regardless of their views, affiliations or identity, recognising that diverse variety of individuals creates the most vibrant and powerful communities
  10. affirming to love not hate, build not destroy, heal not harm

The original Founders of Glamorgannwg will administer the community impartially for the benefit of the People and the betterment of the community and will strive to elevate the status and recognition of the community, to the best of their abilities and according to the People’s will, until such a time of the Founders’ choosing, or of the majority of the People’s choosing, for reasons of contravention of the Constitution. Thereafter, new administrators will be appointed by popular vote, subject to the approval of any remaining Founders

Signed in agreement of the People and for the People of Glamorgannwg on this, the 28th day of August in the year 2022 in the land known as Caerphilly, South Wales, Great Britain

Danielle M Bryant

Lloyd Bryant

Mark J Cawkwell

Vanessa L Bryant

In the presence of:

Olivia Bryant

Luke Reipond