Drunemeton Micro-Nation

Drunemeton Micro-Nation of Indigenous Peoples is a self-determined micro-nation composed of sovereign, indigenous peoples, declared under Natural Law.

We are currently based in various locations in and around Hertfordshire and East of England, U.K. with the intention of developing fully functioning, self-sufficient communities on the ground as soon as we can.

Why are we different? We think that the time of merely talking about societal breakdown, economic crashes and governmental overreach, which are being deliberately orchestrated in the name of an imposed ‘Great Reset’, is over! It’s time to take action, garner our knowledge and skills, and start creating the future we want, outside of any enforced, totalitarian dystopia.

We invite you to take a look around our website to see what we’re up to, especially our Constitution summarising our core values and principles, the Community Interest Projects we’re in the process of setting up, and our Joining Options. We’re on Telegram too. Hope to meet you soon 🙂

WEBSITE: www.drunemeton-nation.net
CONTACT: info@drunemeton-nation.net

FOUNDERS: Dale Burnby, Kathryn Newey